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Scolmore promotes ‘concept over complexity’

The evolution of the smart home gathers apace, with the market witnessing a continued increase in the appetite for smart technology from end users. Whilst this advance will bring significant business opportunities for switched on electrical contractors and installers, there is a reluctance on the part of some installers to fully embrace this new technology as it is deemed too complicated to install and they are therefore unwilling to upsell to customers.

With a reputation for developing products and solutions that make installation projects quicker and simpler to achieve, Scolmore’s range of intelligent wiring accessories aims to strip home automation right back to basics to offer a simple system that has at its core, accessibility and simplicity for the installer and end user.

Marketed by Scolmore under the ‘Click Smart’ brand, the home automation range aims to provide a system that makes it easy, quick and relatively cheap to adapt and update a home to provide extra security, energy saving, comfort and control for homeowners and other occupants.

With the recent addition of Smart Switches to its Click Smart Wiring Accessories collection, Scolmore is making it easier than ever for installers to provide an upgrade to an existing wiring installation with minimal disruption. 

Here we look at three scenarios which Scolmore has identified as typical problems encountered by installers, and shows how Smart Switches work to provide a solution.

1)    Add an additional switch to an existing light without the need for cabling.

You need to make your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It’s difficult to see in the dark and you want to avoid disturbing anyone. The solution is to fit a Click Smart switching module behind the light fitting you wish to activate in the bathroom and then add the switch controller to a convenient place in the bedroom. You can now easily turn the bathroom light on from the comfort of your bed.

2)    Fix a flickering light by using a retractive switch instead of a rotary dimmer (wired)

The problem of continuous flickering when you switch on one of your lights with a rotary dimmer, can be easily overcome using the multi-functional dimming receiver and a retractive switch. Replace the wired rotary dimmer with the retractive switch and add the receiver to the light fitting. This will instantly stop any flickering that may have occurred.

3)    Introduce two-way dimming control from separate locations (wired)

If you have a 2-way switch upstairs and a dimmer downstairs you can turn the light on from the switch. Once dimmed with the rotary dimmer, there is no way for you to increase the brightness. You can only switch the lights on and off at the same brightness. This means you have to walk downstairs which can be hazard if the lighting is set at a low level. By using a Click Smart multi-functional dimming receiver and two retractive switches, you will be able to dim from both locations, meaning no more risky trips down the stairs in the dark. 

Consisting of a Retractive Switch Module and Switch Cover Plate, the Click Smart Switches are available in five switch types and in multiple finishes and styles from across the Click Wiring Accessory ranges to offer maximum choice. 

The five switch types offered range from the 1-gang plate with 1 aperture up to a 2-gang plate with 2 x 3 apertures. The plate styles available are from Scolmore’s popular wiring accessory ranges including Polar, Mode, Essentials, Deco, Define and Definity.  The Deco Define and Definity switches have the added choice of product finishes which include Antique Brass, Polished Brass, Satin Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Black Nickel, Pearl Nickel and Stainless Steel.  

The Click Smart controls make it easier to switch and dim wirelessly from preferred locations without the use of switch drops.

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