About ClickSmart+

Why ClickSmart+

Can you imagine how your home could integrate itself into your daily life? ClickSmart+, Scolmore’s leading smart home brand, has been created to simplify and streamline your home life via the use of integrated technology. ClickSmart+ boasts an elite range of smart home products. Utilising Zigbee technology & WIFI to offer smart home solutions to new and existing wiring installations. The possibilities of ClickSmart+ are endless, but the set up – whether with WIFI or with Zigbee – is simple when using our ClickSmart+ app.

Get To Know Us

At ClickSmart+ we create simple, beautiful smart solutions for a safer and more comfortable home. We have many products to meet all your household needs. Discover a whole range of smart home products. From smart sockets, cameras, sensors and receivers, all working together to make your home smarter. The installation of ClickSmart+ is simple & flexible, no additional cables or wall cutting is needed making it ideal for installation within existing or newly constructed buildings. Each smart product comes with easy to follow installation guides which are also accessible through the new ClickSmart+ app. Make your home smarter, more comfortable and safer with any of our smart products. Why not get creative and take control of your home?

Get smart with Zigbee

Every Zigbee device can send and receive data from other Zigbee devices. This means you can daisy chain smart devices and link them to a central hub, even when some of these devices are out of (direct) range of that hub. Zigbee increases flexibility for users and developers, delivering the confidence that products and services will work together through standardisation and testing. A mesh network/daisy chain is when a network connection is spread out among wireless nodes that can communicate with each other and share a network across a large area. Zigbee’s ability to support mesh networking means it can boost data transmission range and provide greater stability (even when a single connected node fails and doesn't work).