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Scolmore launches wireless switching and dimming solutions

Scolmore has added two new products to its lighting range. The iNELS RFDEL-71F dimming control and the iNELS RFSA-61F switching control, are part of Scolmore’s Flow range of lighting management products, and they introduce Click iNELS wireless technology to the Flow system, to offer a simple to install solution to adding dimming and switching control to lighting products.

Both products offer superior performance, with the dimming control capable of dimming and switching up to 160W of load including LED, while the switching control - rated at 16A - is suitable for switching most domestic and commercial loads.

They feature an in-line plug and play control, pre-fitted with the trademark blue Click FLOW connectors, which also allows for simple connection and disconnection for installation purposes, as well as for periodic testing to be carried out.

Both the dimming and switching control can be controlled wirelessly by up to 32 wireless switches, and they will control wirelessly from up to 160m on the dimming control and 200m on the switching control in free air - offering total flexibility for switching from multiple locations.  Six programmable settings on the switching control and seven on the dimming control, offers a degree of flexibility that makes them suitable for most installation requirements.

With a pivoting connector and a product depth of just 25mm, they can be easily installed in shallow ceiling voids and they will fit through a 65mm diameter cut-out with an 80mm void.  Secured arms prevent any strain from being put on the cable.

A permanent live feed from input to output will facilitate emergency lighting requirements, or for installations where a permanent live fee is also required.

The wireless dimming control features a load selection function, making it easy to adjust for use with inductive, capacitive and resistive loads. An adjustable minimum brightness level offers installers the flexibility to make adjustments in line with customer requirements.

Ideal for new installations or to update an existing one, the new products offer an optimised solution to adding dimming and switching control to lighting products such as Scolmore’s innovative Inceptor Micro and Max integrated LED downlights.