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Scolmore has confirmed today that it recently threatened court action against LGA, the distributor of the \\\"Selectric\\\" brand of products.

Paul Dawson, Group Commercial Manager of Scolmore stated as follows \\\"Scolmore has, for a number of years, sold metal plate accessories under its ’Deco’ branding. We have popularised this brand, invested a great deal in it and made it our own. We recently discovered that LGA had been advertising metal plate products by reference to a similar ’Deco’ brand.\\\"

Scolmore threatened action against LGA and LGA has subsequently removed or amended all the affected signage and branding from the market, and agreed to destroy any that remained.

Paul Dawson continued \\\"I am pleased that LGA chose to accede to our demands. Scolmore is an acknowledged innovator in its chosen field. We take our intellectual property very seriously indeed and we vigorously pursue any infringer. Legitimate competition is one thing but competition involving the infringement of our intellectual property rights will not be tolerated.\\\"

For more information contact Paul Dawson