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Scolmore expands its new media range

Scolmore’s New Media range encompasses a wide variety of media and power modules, and has been developed to provide designers and installers with a host of solutions for an assortment of media cabling requirements. Now the range has been expanded with four new, individual modules which will further enhance the flexibility of the company’s growing New Media offer.

A VGA module with fly-lead, Triple RCA Module, USB Throughput Module with Fly-Lead and a 3.5mm Audio Jack Module with Fly-Lead, have been added to the comprehensive module collection. The clip fit New Media modules are simple to install in their blank mounting plates and they are each available in either a black or white finish to complement any installation.

With an extensive collection to choose from, Scolmore’s New Media plates and modules range brings practical and aesthetic solutions to the array of media and power cabling requirements that we are faced with in today’s technology-driven work and home environments. Designed to provide contractors with the ultimate in flexibility and ease of installation, the new media plates are available in a variety of configurations and colour finishes - from the 1 gang plate with single aperture, right through to the 12 and 18 module plates. With a comprehensive range of modules available, it makes it easy for contractors to devise and install customised switching solutions on site.