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Scolmore adds Hotel Key Card Switch to New Media range

With the government’s climate change obligations keeping energy efficiency high on the agenda for businesses, the latest addition to Scolmore’s wiring accessories range – the Hotel Key Card Switch - will help reduce energy consumption in hotels and save money in the process. 

Part of Scolmore’s New Media range, the new Hotel Key Card Switch is an energy saving device which acts as the main electrical switch for the room and is operated by the guest. All lighting and heating facilities only become operational once a corresponding card is inserted in to the key card switch.

It is designed to fit any 50x50 Euro-mode plates and will work readily with all hotels’ card entry system cards, to make it easy to control lighting when rooms are unoccupied. There are three component parts – media plate; key card module and cover plate, all supplied separately to provide multiple configurations. The interchangeable decorative and white moulded facia plates are available to match all Scolmore’s decorative finishes, making this the most comprehensive range of hotel key card switches currently available.

It features a time delay function, variable between 10 seconds and five minutes, which is operated via a hidden potentiometer on the front of the plate, and a blue LED power indicator makes for easy location in the dark.

It is capable of switching inductive loads of 6AX and resistive loads of 10A, making it suitable for controlling lighting circuits. Larger loads, such as sockets and air conditioning, can be connected via contactors.