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New corridor function for Inceptor EVO LED Bulkheads

As well as launching new and innovative products, Scolmore is committed to making improvements to existing products to enhance their performance. The new Inceptor EVO LED Bulkhead is a prime example, offering all the same great features of the original version, but now with the addition of corridor function which will help reduce energy consumption. Scolmore has a patent on the product’s unique design.

The corridor function feature provides a dimmed level of light for periods of vacancy. It is activated automatically when no movement has been detected, with the operator defining the set time period for no movement (between 8 seconds and a maximum of 20 minutes). A simple switch, located on the driver, is used to activate the corridor function. Switch to ‘on’ and the light output will dim to 15% of its rated lumen output when no movement is detected. Switch to ‘off’ and the light output will turn off when no movement is detected.

Designed to be quick to install and simple to use, the Inceptor EVO Bulkhead offers a number of features and benefits unmatched by competitor products. As well as integrating the control gear and the light source within the diffuser, the bulkhead has the added benefit of a Flow plug which allows for fast and simple connection and disconnection for testing and maintenance of the luminaire. Scolmore believes the Inceptor EVO is the only bulkhead currently available to incorporate a Flow connector.

With other bulkhead products, the installer will need to first unscrew the diffuser and then the gear tray, fix the base to the wall, terminate the conductor, re-attach the gear tray and re-screw the diffuser. Scolmore has taken away the need for time-consuming and unnecessary screws and integrated the control gear and light source within the diffuser and added a Flow connector. The installer, therefore, simply removes the diffuser, fits the base to the wall/ceiling, wires the conductor into the flow connector and secures the diffuser in place.  

The IP65-rated Inceptor EVO is available in two formats, Circular and Eye-Lid, with each format offered in four different options – Standard; Emergency; Microwave Sensor; and Emergency and Microwave Sensor combined. This provides contractors and installers with a range of easy-to-install LED bulkheads, suitable for a variety of domestic and commercial applications including walkways, corridors, stairwells and communal areas, within public areas such as schools, offices, and shopping malls and urban spaces.

In addition, vandal-resistant metal housings with an IK10 rating are available in Circular, Eye-Lid and Grille formats to enhance the potential applications for the range.