Scolmore stars in Grand Designs

Scolmore stars in Grand Designs

In a first for the popular TV programme, Grand Designs, a recent project saw not one, but two builds taking place on the same site, as identical twins and wannabe architects realised their long held ambition to create their own homes from scratch. When it came to selecting the wiring accessories that would work with their chosen industrial style, they decided that Scolmore’s metal clad accessories collection was the only choice. 

Jon and Nik Daughtry are identical twins, living next door to each other in Sheffield, with identical cars and identical dogs. Their ambition to build was instilled in them from an early age by their parents, who had self-built two houses while the boys were growing up. With a childhood surrounded by construction, this paved the way for them to design their own homes.

The opportunity for the twin build came about in 2015 when a chance happening brought to their attention a property that had gone to auction and was in effect sold. Curious about the plot, Nik contacted the then owner who informed Nik that if he was interested she would consider selling it to him, as the other buyer had become unreliable. On visiting, Nik fell in love and immediately called Jon. And so the stone was set in motion. With over a year in planning, ground was eventually broken in March 2017 followed by an 18 month build programme. 

A fan of the Grand Designs show, Nik applied to the researchers with the simple narrative - buy one get one free, with two twins, two builds, one site and one leaking millpond. What could go wrong they asked?

The build itself wasn’t without its challenges, including having to structurally navigate the workings/foundations of the former 200 year old mill.

The finished houses are stripped back and simple in approach, with honest materials - concrete blockwork, exposed steel, plywood and glazing. With large open spaces to maximise the light, the houses are styled sensitively with mid-century references and Danish minimalism. The vision was to lead you up and through the houses to deliver you to the pond and its spectacular views.

With industrial nods to the site’s former use as a haulage yard after the mill's demise, the buildings are stark and contemporary in their black cloaking. Inside copper pipes deliver the water whilst galvanise conduit supplies the electrics throughout. Scolmore’s metal clad boxes were a clean, versatile solution that complemented the design aesthetic and approach. 

It was the twin’s 76 year old father, David, who was responsible for the electrical installation for both houses. An electrician all his life and as Nik describes him ‘a true master when it comes to conduit’, David recommended Scolmore as the only electrical accessories brand that he ever used.

Comments Jon: “When we first looked at the Scolmore ranges we were considering the Deco Plus range, we loved the quality feel and look of the products with the very contemporary smooth curves. However, the more we got into the interior design for the houses, we realised that the Metal Clad range offered a much more complementary solution and in keeping with the look we were going for.   It is remarkably broad in is application and the ideal choice for the houses which are unashamedly simple in some respects, daring in others. Block walls, exposed copper pipes and surface mounted metal switches and sockets provided the backdrop to elegant and calming Scandinavian and mid-century inspired interiors.”