Scolmore, ‘one fitting for all’ for Edinburgh Council

Scolmore, ‘one fitting for all’ for Edinburgh Council

Undertaking an upgrade programme of 22,350 social housing properties is no mean feat and when it came to selecting new bulkhead lighting solutions for the residential buildings, Edinburgh Council needed to bear in mind the cost, performance and the time required to install the products. There was the added concern of the new lower communal ceiling height that had resulted from the thermal insulation renovation, which meant the need to search for an alternative fitting was looking likely. However, EVO`s unique ability to be recessed via removal of the mounting skirt meant it was the perfection solution, enabling the installation to go smoothly, with the fitting utilised in a greatly reduced vertical space.

Having looked at various products on the market, Scolmore’s Inceptor EVO standard bulkhead was selected, because, according to the council’s electrical and design teams, it provided an overall solution that no other competitor product could offer. The ability to remove the surface mount adaptor ring means that the fitting can be easily semi-recessed to overcome the problem of low ceilings and size of the fitting. Ease of installation, as well as cost and performance of the bulkheads were also cited as crucial for the project and they are now being installed in all the kitchens and bathrooms in the properties being renovated.

The emergency and microwave sensor versions of the EVO bulkhead are, at the same time, being installed in the communal areas of the two, multi-storey dwellings that make up part of Edinburgh Council’s social housing stock. These EVO bulkheads offer a 3-hour emergency function in the event of a power failure, and feature a microwave sensor with 8 second to minute adjustment. Their IP65 rating, robust housing and anti-tamper screws were also key features when the council’s electrical team leader was selecting these products.

As part of the renovation programme, the council is also upgrading the switches and sockets and has opted for Scolmore’s Mode range of electrical accessories to provide a highly cost-efficient replacement solution for all rooms and areas of the residential properties. As well as offering exceptional value, Mode is a high quality, contemporary range that offers flexibility. All Mode products are Antimicrobial Certified and are covered by Scolmore’s 20-year guarantee against any fault in materials or manufacture.

Edinburgh Council is aiming to complete between 1500 and 2000 property upgrades per year over the next 10 years or so and Scolmore is working in close partnership with the team to ensure the procurement and installation of the products is a smooth and efficient process.